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With Barcode data & Brother at your side, you’ll gain greater control over your costs and security, uncover new collaboration tools, and discover easier and more effective ways to do business and stay ahead of the competition.

Brother solutions are cost-effective business applications for transformation and enable businesses to confront key business challenges and help implement effective solutions to transform your business.

 Stay ahead of the changing business landscape by taking control of costs, increasing productivity and reliability, improving sustainability and tackling security concerns with a range of brother solutions underpinned by expert service and support.

Brother Managed Label Services

Managed Label Services Transforming the way you buy thermal print technology.

Recent years have seen a shift from paying for IT infrastructure outright to moving towards a subscription model – especially for larger purchases.

Now, with Brother’s hardware-as-a-service platform, and managed label services, you can get premium-quality thermal printers, third-party hardware and all additional services on a monthly subscription plan too.

Brother's platform allows Barcode data to:

Create and set a monthly subscription plan for you in minutes

Combine premium-quality Brother thermal printers with our third-party hardware and software

Add additional services and warranties as required

Eliminate downtime with a free three-year return to base warranty as standard

It’s a great way to complete your important labelling and other specialist printing tasks without making a big investment upfront.


Print & Scan Solution: 1 x Brother TD-4550DNWB, with optional peeler, enhanced warranty plus 1 x Datalogic GBT 4500, plus 3-month label supply from £31.13 per month over 3 years.

Print Solution with Warranty: 10 x Desktop Label Printer Solution: 10 x Brother TD4410D USB/serial desktop label printers with enhanced warranty from £71.91 per month over 3 years.

For just a fixed amount per month, you can combine your software, scanners and printing in one easy-to-manage package.

Managed Label Services delivers exceptional affordability and flexibility, with the added peace of mind of Brother’s best-in-class, 3-year warranty and maintenance printer support from one of the most trusted suppliers in the market.

Why choose Managed Label Services?

Improved cash flow

Paying a monthly subscription fee for your specialist printing technology services frees up cash to spend elsewhere, while still allowing you to have the latest products.

Predictable costs

A set monthly subscription price that covers products, servicing and warranties means no big outlays, making long-term budgeting much easier.

Hardware and services combined

Managed label services allow you to combine thermal printers, third-party hardware and additional services in one simple, easy-to-manage subscription bundle from Barcode data.

Up-to-date and flexible

We know that technology evolves, and you want your staff to always have the latest tools to stay productive. Our subscription model is designed to provide the flexibility to refresh the hardware estate at the end of the contract and keep up-to-date and ahead of the competition.

Make the most of Managed Label Services now.

To reap the benefits of a thermal printing solution without the large upfront costs and for further information on how we can help you streamline your business, contact us today.

Brother Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Brother Mobility Solutions supporting you to deliver the best patient care.

Brother’s specialist technology for the healthcare industry makes life easier for your staff, reducing their admin burden and enabling them to provide more face-to-face care to patients. It covers everything from patient ID, prescription and wristband printing and custom medical labels.

Brother has extensive experience in the healthcare mobility solutions sector, helping us build a bespoke solution around your needs and ensuring it integrates seamlessly with your current clinical workflows. And we back all of this up with wide-ranging support and warranties of up to three years as standard.

From ambulance to hospital

Paramedics are under extreme pressure to secure the safety of patients, ensuring they reach the hospital as soon as is physically possible. Therefore, it is critical to maintain a workflow that is efficient and delivers 100% accuracy. This means the correct treatment is provided by the hospital.

In-vehicle solutions

Paramedics on the road have to be super-efficient as every second counts when you are saving lives. That's why the Brother PJ-700 A4 mobile printer series boasts a range of accessories like an optional mounting kit which enables paramedics to utilise the device in a fixed location within the vehicle.

Patient admission

Patient files and wristbands are the most essential form of patient identification. Accuracy is paramount for caregivers to ensure the correct treatment and medication is provided, as well as time saved for healthcare staff on-site.

At the patient’s bedside

Brother understands that managing hospital wards requires more than just clinical care. Patient security is vital and budget pressures mean efficient asset management can be challenging.

Patient safety in the lab

Laboratory technicians must keep an efficient and accurate account of the samples they receive from caregivers. Patients rely on their analysis for any further treatment received. The ability to scan and produce labels within the lab helps maintain an error-free workflow to provide a reliable diagnosis

Pharmacy labelling

Brother Solutions enables all phases of the medication management process with mobile devices from inventory management to regulatory compliance and prescription dispensing efficiently.

Accurate labelling and scanning reduce medication dispensing errors by verifying record medication dispensing ensuring the correct medication is in the exact dosage.

Typical healthcare labelling applications include.

  • Patient Records (A4)
  • Patient wristbands
  • Blood sample labels
  • Specimen label
  • Blood bag labels
  • Pharmacy labelling
  • Drug packaging labels.

Talk to our expert healthcare sales team today, email:  web: or phone: 0808 506 4896

Brother Food Labelling Solutions

Protect your customers and your business with Brother Food to labelling solutions

As customer needs evolve, with changing dietary preferences and growing numbers of people affected by food allergies, effective labelling is more important than ever. Especially as the impending introduction of The Food Information Regulations 2019 (commonly referred to as Natasha’s Law) and the coverage around it have put food safety in the spotlight. With full ingredient labelling mandatory for all food to go prepacked for direct sale from October 1st, 2021, you’ll need to create crystal clear, informative labels to address issues with allergen risks. Giving customers clarity on ingredients and allergens enables them to make more confident choices. So, they’ll keep coming back for more, knowing you’re a business they can trust.

Ingredient and allergen labelling made simple

Brother’s grab-and-go food labelling solutions make it easy and efficient for you to maintain high standards and stay on the right side of food labelling regulations. Our reliable label printers produce highly legible, long-lasting labels detailing all necessary information, from ingredients and allergens to use-by dates, prices and barcodes. There’s no need for ink or toners, so you can keep costs low, and reduce wastage by using the same roll for multiple label designs. It’s simple to maintain security, too. The information you need is stored digitally, with access only available to administrators. This helps you avoid errors or tampering and maintain consistency and accuracy.

Introducing Natasha's Law

With Natasha's Law coming into force in October 2021, are you confident your business will be compliant? Natasha’s Law is designed to give those with allergies complete certainty that the PPDS food they are buying is safe for them to eat.

At the moment, businesses selling food prepared on the same premises where it is sold don’t need to put allergen information on the label, which means allergy sufferers have to ask staff for the information they need to buy with confidence.

Now parliament has tightened the rules, legislating so foods like these must come with a full list of ingredients.

At the time of writing, the industry is still working to absorb and interpret much of the precise detail of Natasha’s Law, but what do we know so far?

Working with experts from NT Assure, Nutritics and Labelling Solutions, we've created an in-depth e-book to help food businesses get up to speed with the new legislation and discover how they can achieve compliance.

High-performance food label printers

Our TD desktop thermal range of professional food label printers is ideal for your PPDS labelling requirements. Offering high-speed printing and the ability to connect to smartphones and tablets, they make it fast and easy to create crystal-clear food-to-go labels and GS1-compliant barcodes up to 4 inches in width. You can operate the printer as a standalone solution or integrate it seamlessly into your existing setup. The ranges are scalable, with the option to add a battery pack for a truly mobile printing solution, as well as handy accessories like external roll holders. The printers are made from robust materials that can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. And with a three-year warranty as standard, you can keep printing with confidence.

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