Food Labelling Solution

EU Food Labelling Standards

Under new European Union rules, manufacturers were required to provide particular nutritional information in December 2016. However, any manufacturer that chooses to provide front-of-pack information must comply with the current EU regulation.

To sell food and drink products, the label must be:

  • Clear and easy to read
  • Permanent
  • Easy to understand
  • Easily visible
  • Not misleading

You must show certain basic information and list the ingredients. You might also have to show certain warnings.

  • There are special regulations for labelling wine.
  • Products sold loose or in catering businesses
  • If you run a catering business, you sell food loose or package it for sale in your shop, you only need to show:
  • The name of the food
  • Allergen information
  • Certain warnings
  • Any food additive you have added
  • If any of the ingredients have been irradiated, or have come from genetically modified sources.

Currently, food and drink labels often differ in the range of nutritional information provided. Currently, there is no law forcing retailers and manufacturers to display such information unless the product makes a nutritional claim. For instance, nutritional information must be on a product that claims to be 'low fat' or if vitamins or minerals have been added to the product.

Why print your labels? Because in the short run, it's better, cheaper, faster and more flexible to print your own than using a commercial printer. This is especially true when you need limited quantities of labels for a wide variety of products that may only be made to order or only occasionally available.

The ingredients you need for effective food labelling

With stricter food labelling regulations and heightened customer standards, precise food labelling is increasingly crucial. Whether it involves stock rotation labels, ingredient and allergen labelling, or menu management solutions, Brother ensures clear and accurate food labelling. This allows you to concentrate on satisfying customers, providing not only excellent food but also enhanced peace of mind.

A smarter approach to stock rotation labelling

By swapping handwritten day-dot labels with a Brother stock rotation labelling solution, you enhance efficiency and reduce waste. These solutions seamlessly integrate with your current systems, providing a quick and dependable method to oversee your stock and ensure precision and responsibility. This is particularly significant as food safety data can be directly uploaded to the devices. Furthermore, our durable food label printers are specifically engineered to withstand the rigours of the kitchen environment.

Discover quicker and clearer labelling for grab-and-go foods

Brother's labelling solutions for pre-packed foods (PPDS) simplify keeping everyone informed and ensure compliance with food labelling regulations like Natasha’s Law. Produce highly readable, high-resolution ingredient and allergen labels with prices, barcodes, and use-by dates, safeguarding both customer health and your reputation. Additionally, reduce waste and inefficiency by printing multiple label designs from a single roll, all without the requirement for inks or toners.

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