Wristband & Event Identification

Print wristbands on demand, printed wristbands can be non-transferable for admission control & security. Our wristbands are high quality, lightweight, easy to wear, and extremely durable, some have a removable stub and can be chlorine & water-resistant, and they can also be sequentially numbered.

Area’s covered

  • Event wristbands
  • Security wristbands
  • Personalised Wristbands
  • Festival Wristbands
  • Wristband printers

Our wristband solutions can be the perfect option when looking for event wristbands and can be printed in our label bureau here on site, we offer fast and efficient turnaround times.

In healthcare, we offer wristband solutions for patient identification, with the latest mobile technology and wristband printers, all designed with disinfectant-ready medical-grade material ensuring minimal cross-infection. 

Whatever the requirements, Barcode Data offers a solution that works best for most applications, please get in touch with us to find out how we can help.