Falcona provides a diverse range of rugged connected carts that provide independent power for your IT equipment. Falcona’s rugged mobile workstations increase staff productivity as they take their computers and tools with them, enabling them to work at any location. Falcona also provides all-in-one solutions for charging, securing, storing, and tracking mobile devices. Reduce lost and stolen devices, whilst making asset management simple, with Falcona’s at-a-glance dashboard.

Falcona also provides their unique Podloc stations. These all-in-one stations charge, secure and trace a number of mobile devices within a business, increasing the safety and efficiency of your business devices. As well as their UV Trace solution, allowing devices to be stored and sanitised after every use, with the goal of minimising sick days amongst teams.


PODLOC is a unique all-in-one solution for charging, securing and tracking mobile devices. Say goodbye to device loss, as the cutting-edge system keeps devices safe, frees up valuable space, and charges them right where they're needed. With PODLOC, shared handsets are shielded from damage, preventing time lost on repairs.

The charging cabinets solution provides a robust defence against theft, significantly reducing the cost of replacing stolen or missing devices. Optimising productivity with localised charging, PODLOC ensures your devices are always ready to go. Integration is a breeze, offering quick and tangible results. Several key problems are solved in one place:

• Reduces device loss

• Small footprint, releasing valuable space

• Devices charged in one place, ready to go

Competitive advantages:

• One of fastest ROI for a charging solution

• Fully traceable, aiding asset management

• Modular build adding new units as required

• Convenient - located near where devices are used

• Futureproof - upgrade easily as devices change

• Slim cabinet space-saving, easily access your mobile devices in one neat place

• Asset management of devices made simple


Logistics, manufacturing and warehouse environments demand a level of detail that can often be a challenge when faced with these fast-moving working environments. Falcona produces a range of powered workstations that bring a new opportunity to increase productivity and help reduce mistakes through mislabelling or data entry errors Fixed workstations limit workers' freedom and efficiency. Having to rush back and forth from one point to check information can be a huge inconvenience, saving precious time and energy. With Falcona Solutions’ mobile workstations, staff productivity is increased, as they can take their terminals with them, performing the work they need to at any location. Consequently, any computer-based training can be performed away from the manufacturing floor, to avoid interfering with busy teams. Workers can use a full-screen computer or touchscreen for up to eight to ten hours, depending on the amount of scanning and printing performed.

Falcona Mobile Workstations come in 2 options, the rugged MPS (Mobile Picking Station) carts, tough for any environment and fully customisable for storage or functionality, and the HDF-powered workstations, a cost-effective solution and simple to get up and running for any environment. 

Both styles of cart are unique and specific to each business and workspace.

UV Trace

UV Trace enables companies and organisations to minimise and mitigate the risks and health issues associated with shared devices and equipment. The ability to automatically log sanitisation events provides critical auditing and reporting information ensuring that workers are complying with health and safety processes set out by the head office.

UV Traces for devices is a small, lightweight application that is compatible with the UV Trace Shelf. Once installed users can easily sanitise their device and log the audit event with a single scan. The application also clearly displays the most recent sanitisation event and highlights to the user if the device is safe to use. Green means that the device has been sanitised within the company-set guidelines, amber means the device is due a sanitisation cycle while red shows the device has exceeded the configured duration.


Device Requirements

  • Android OS 6.0 and higher
  • Bluetooth module
  • Integrated scanner (Zebra Technologies or Honeywell) or camera
  • WLAN and/or WWAN SSL access to portal.uvtrace.com