UV Trace

UV Trace

UV Trace enables companies and organisations to minimise and mitigate the risks and health issues associated with shared devices and equipment. The ability to automatically log sanitisation events provides critical auditing and reporting information ensuring that workers are complying with health and safety processes set out by the head office.

UV Traces for devices is a small, lightweight application that is compatible with the UV Trace Shelf. Once installed users can easily sanitise their device and log the audit event with a single scan. The application also clearly displays the most recent sanitisation event and highlights to the user if the device is safe to use. Green means that the device has been sanitised within the company-set guidelines, amber means the device is due a sanitisation cycle while red shows the device has exceeded the configured duration.

Device Requirements

  • Android OS 6.0 and higher
  • Bluetooth module
  • Integrated scanner (Zebra Technologies or Honeywell) or camera
  • WLAN and/or WWAN SSL access to portal.uvtrace.com

The UV Trace Drawer

The UV Trace Drawer has been specially developed to assist in the protection of individuals at risk of the transmission of skin-borne viruses and bacteria through contaminated surfaces.

The sanitisation cycle is automatic, and the drawer is electronically locked during UV-C sanitisation cycles meaning there is no risk of exposure to users.