Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


This policy applies to all Bar Code Data Group (BCD) employees, associates, secondees, agency staff and third parties who undertake activity for and on behalf of BCD. It applies to the goods and services we procure, our direct operations and the services we provide to our customers. BCD is committed to creating a sustainable society actively managing our operations in a way that balances our social, environmental and economic objectives. To do this, sustainability considerations are embedded throughout a suite of interdependent policies and their procedures, which are implemented collectively across our group to deliver the objectives of the Sustainability Policy.


To provide an effective framework for realising BCD’s commitment to creating a sustainable society by protecting, and where possible enhancing the group's social, environmental and economic impacts, preventing pollution, reducing social inequality, increasing diversity and opportunity across the group and driving sustainable, economic development as part of a transition to a low carbon future.


All employees including directors, associates, secondees, agency staff and those third parties engaged in activities on behalf of the group are responsible for ensuring that this Policy is adhered to.  In addition, those employees who procure goods and services should follow BCD’s Procurement Policy including the requirement to include social value considerations which mirror our sustainability objectives. As referenced, some activities within the scope of this Policy are covered by additional, dedicated policies and procedures, either separately or within the framework of our Staff Handbook to ensure that the objectives of this Policy are delivered.


Bar Code Data Group, under parent Elan Holdings, is a collection of responsible companies that work in partnership with others to enable growth, create jobs and improve the lives of residents and local communities.  The Group delivers manufacturing activities and services from our headquarters in Ashton under Lyne, Greater Manchester, with dedicated, internal responsibility for Marketing, Sales,  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bar Code Data Ltd Sustainability Policy Ashton House 6 Margaret St., Ashton under Lyne Lancs., OL7 0SH 

Sustainability Policy (cont.)

Website Development & SEO, Service & Support, Finance & Accounting, Operations, Human Resources, IT & Technical areas.  We have over 30 employees working on site or across a hybrid working model, the Group recognises that its activities have wide-ranging and interconnected impacts on the economy, environment and society.     

In recognising this, BCD is committed to contributing to a more sustainable society and to continually improving the positive impacts we make by:

• Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and standards, and the expectations of our customers and other key stakeholders

• Ensuring our systems and procedures prevent pollution, and minimise resource consumption

• Ensuring our employees and suppliers are able and are encouraged to support our sustainability commitments

• Ensuring we continue to develop services which meet the needs of those customers who are often less able to participate in mainstream services

• Ensuring we continually review how we can make improvements to our sustainability performance.

In order for BCD to realise these commitments, sustainability performance is driven by the Managing Director and Group’s Senior Management Team, through our:

• Agreed Shared Values, specifically: 

- Stronger together

- Empower people & the staff in our organisation

- Make a positive difference

- Do the right thing and

  - Build on our ongoing success. 

• In-house employee engagement group to ensure buy-in on such matters as our revised green issues policy; the responsibility lies with the Sales Administration Manager (Head of Group) to discuss new initiatives, adherence to policies on waste disposal, recycling and where team members can improve the group’s commitment to a lower carbon footprint, enabling all employees to meaningfully contribute, irrespective of their role & responsibility.

• Drive towards our aim of achieving the Investors in People standard, Health and Wellbeing initiatives and our Reward and Recognition programmes we support, encourage and enable all employees to meaningfully contribute. 

• Medicash Health Plan scheme for our employees; a dedicated 24/7 Heath & Stress related helplines is available, options on access to counselling experts & apps with mindful exercises, and intelligent mood tracking. • Equality and Diversity policy, and provide an opportunity for those with a disability status, being committed to action on equal opportunities _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bar Code Data Ltd  Sustainability Policy Ashton House 6 Margaret St., Ashton under Lyne Lancs., OL7 0SH 

Sustainability Policy (cont.) 

• Service offer, ensuring it includes and supports those customers who are least able to access mainstream service provision

• Travel Policy which encourages journey planning and use of alternative modes of transport, and also operates access to EV leasing, on-site EV charging and Bike to Work scheme

• ICT Disposal Policy which covers reuse, recycling and the associated data security issues

• Working towards the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to manage and reduce BCD’s impact on the environment in line with our commitment to be Net Zero by 2030.

• Inclusion of Social Value requirements into our procurement policy where possible 

To realise our sustainability objectives BCD both recognises the need for and is committed to communicating these objectives to our suppliers, employees, customers and wider stakeholders.  This is achieved via our procurement processes, and our existing communication channels to employees including published business plans, internal communications, newsletters, team briefings and the staff induction processes. As stated, we also have an in-house engagement group to drive adoption of the policy, as well as moving towards our goal of being a carbon-neutral business by 2030. This policy and the actions arising from it will be annually reviewed as part of the business planning process which involves BCD’s senior leadership and management teams, with final approval via the BCD Board.  Mike Jackson  MANAGING DIRECTOR